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Residential Sub-Metering

Sub-metering of any utility commodity (i.e., electricity, water, gas, BTU) allows tenants to pay for only the energy they consume, simplifies the condo fee structure, and is known to reduce the building’s overall energy consumption.

PowerStream Energy Services offers sub-metering services throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario for electric, water, BTU and gas systems. These utility systems meet government specifications and data validation standards. Sub-metering services include the following:

  • System installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance
  • Meter re-verification and certification at no cost
  • Customer care
  • Turnkey offering to relieve customers of any concern

PowerStream Energy Services offers exceptional customer service and reliable metering technology to deliver value to developers, property managers and suite owners. PowerStream Energy Services’ customer administration fees are competitive with other service providers, and in many cases significantly lower.

Contact our metering services team to arrange a consultation for your property.

The New Residences of Yorkville Plaza - 155 Yorkville AveThe New Residences of Yorkville Plaza - 155 Yorkville Ave


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