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Payment Options

Paying your PowerStream Energy Services bill is easy and convenient. Explore our methods of payment below.

No hassle and no worries about being late with your payment by signing up for Pre-Authorized Payment with PowerStream Energy Services. To register for Pre-Authorized Payment, complete the form below (do not forget to include a void cheque) and send to PowerStream Energy Services through one of the following methods:

Pay by Pre-authorized Payment

You can mail payment by cheque to the address below. Include your invoice stub in the envelope.

Your PowerStream Energy Services bill can be paid online through your internet banking, telephone banking or at designated financial institutions through ATM or Teller Direct. Choose PowerStream Energy Services as the payee (not PowerStream Inc.).

Pay By Credit Card

PowerStream Energy Services offers paying by credit card:

Plastiq accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

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